Suite 69 - Sahara Kelly, S.L. Carpenter This was not what I expected at all. Based on the book name and the cover (I know, I know, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover), I thought it was going to be all smut, all the time. :-) I'm pretty sure the blurb led me to believe that at least a little bit. You know, sometimes you're in the mood for one of those. But this was completely different, and I was not disappointed in the least. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise. It was really good!!! A nice romance with some steamy sex thrown in -- what's not to love?

Due to an androgynous first name, female Riley accidentally gets roomed with Oliver at a company convention. They get Suite 69 -- snicker. :-) Her first view of him is a Risky Business-type dance in ONLY his tube socks. When he realizes she's there (with her friend), he attempts to cover himself with a half-empty bottle of soda. She makes fun of the size of his manhood (because snarky comments are part of her defense), and they go from there. But Oliver is a laid back guy. Really a good one. He can take her snark and chilly comments and see through to who she really is. And he may be a typical guy and think smarmy thoughts, but he doesn't voice them, which endears him to a lot of women. He ultimately grows on Riley. And she on him. They hit it off big time, but it's not all smooth sailing from there. My heart was breaking for Riley, but ultimately it was an HEA. An expected one, but still a good one.