Going Greek - Lelani Black This was really sweet. Like I-might-have-a-cavity sweet. :-) A well-known model dated a man for several months and gave her heart to him before finding out, via a tabloid story, that he was married with children. She was devastated. Her sister, seven months pregnant, is going to reunite with her husband in Greece, so she asks Marigold to go with her and stay for a month. Marigold didn't know her brother-in-law had a twin. They don't look alike, but Dmitri is just as handsome as her brother-in law. And Marigold gets the impression that any relationship with him would be just a fling, so she attempts to stay away from him. But it's not that easy. They had an immediate connection, and Dmitri won't give up that easily. Unfortunately, Dmitri has an issue with adultery, and when he discovers her last relationship, he runs away. It was a week into her vacation, but she was devastated (again) and ran, too. I won't give away what happens next, but ultimately there's an HEA.

Lots of sexual tension build-up in this one. And when they get together, it's quite sexy. I'll definitely read another book by the author.