Punishing Phoebe - Kit Tunstall Oh that Salvatore is an ass. A pompous jerk. How dare he (a) deem Phoebe unfit for Luca and (b) jump to conclusions about her past employment history. And then lie to Luca. Asshat. Then there's Luca. While ultimately I liked him, I don't understand why he didn't give Phoebe a chance to explain. So many things in their relationship -- on both sides -- were assumed, and assumptions of the worst kind. If Luca knew his father could be an ass, why would he believe Salvatore's story? My heart broke for Phoebe when he said he was going to take what he bought. She never sold that. And some of the things he said to her! I was glad he came around and that he felt like an asshat when someone else explained things to him. While Luca was "teaching her a lesson", they had lots of steamy sex. You could tell that while he was angry, he still cared very much for her. Even when they weren't having sex, he did nice things for her. Ultimately a sweet HEA.