Defying Pack Law (Pack, #1) - Eve Langlais This is a story about a female werewolf who ran from her first love when it became clear he'd share her with others, as per pack law. Twelve years later, he catches up with her. Dana is feisty, strong, and knows what she wants and doesn't want -- at least she thought so before meeting two of Nathan's friends and her wolf longs for them, too. Dana resists the attraction because she grew up with a father who shared her mother with everyone. Most pack relationships are closed -- they may be menage, but it's usually a set number of mates that share a female. Dana's father was an ass who let her mother be used, so of course, Dana doesn't have a positive view of the polyamorous norm of pack life. Now that Nathan has found her, he vows he won't share her. After all, that's why she left in the first place, right? But in her defiance of Nathan's claim on her, she invokes her right to ask for a "true mating", meaning she can choose up to four men to mate with. Nathan has a difficult time accepting this because he has a jealousy streak a mile wide. He's waited twelve years to be with her and now he doesn't want to share her.

Dana overcoming her own fears about being shared was an interesting journey. She fought it, but slowly came to realize it was only natural for her to be drawn to more than one man (in their world). And also came to realize it could be so different from what she witnessed growing up. I loved John and how he could somehow sense her needs and calm her when she started freaking out. And Kody cracked me up. What a big flirt!! Nathan drove me crazy. Yes, he loved her and wanted her to himself, but he'd shoot himself in the foot every time he opened his mouth! And when he tried to explain himself, he just dug a deeper hole! At the same time, I think Dana overreacted about one thing in particular -- the thing that made her change her "mark order". But hey, she'd been on her own for twelve years, away from pack life. I'm thinking she had a lot to get reacquainted with.

Lots of great chemistry between the characters. Steamy sex. So-so suspense plot line, but a decent overall book.