Breaking All the Rules - Monica Robinson I really enjoyed this. I wanted to smack the characters sometimes -- JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER!! But each of them thought there was a time frame for the relationship that the other was expecting, and neither wanted to cut the time short by expressing their feelings. Her reaction to his "lie" was a little bit over the top as well. It wasn't such a big lie! Plus, she'd just been told by his family how differently he was acting toward her. She knew she was special. I thought his "I'm sorry" gesture was sweet, but way too long in coming, lol. Thanksgiving to Christmas is an eternity in a new relationship! But despite these few things, I really liked the story. I liked Allie and Adam and I thought their relationship was really sweet. They had really steamy sex, which is always a plus. I loved that Allie made him do things out of his comfort zone, like actually eat at a restaurant for breakfast. And Adam made Allie feel again. A few others have said that how Erica was removed from the picture was a little to "easy" and I'd have to agree. Sure, she's gone, but it was very quick, and considering how badly she wanted Adam, she sure gave him up easily. Not that I minded. Bee-otch.