Something Unexpected - Tressie Lockwood Ahhh Keary! I don't think guys like him really exist, but he was a great hero. Zacari finds her fiancee and her best friend in bed, so she goes to a bar on the other side of town (doesn't want to run into anyone she knows) to get hammered and drown her sorrows. After having too much to drink, Keary steps in -- he's the son of the owner of the company she works for, so he knows her -- and takes her home. The alcohol gives her courage to seduce him in his limo on her way home. She never intended to end up pregnant, but she's a strong, independent woman who doesn't expect anything from Keary in return. She's so afraid he's going to accuse her of seducing him for his money that she resists any assistance from him, but he's determined to help and be involved. Plus, he realizes she's special, and he knows he wants more time with her. Of course, she can't imagine he'd be around for any other reason than the baby, so she keeps trying to make out his intentions as just that -- helping the baby, nothing to do with her. Ultimately there's an HEA, but lots of bumps to get there. I loved that Zacari was so strong -- she was completely willing and able to do this herself, and really would have asked for nothing from Keary. I think her strength was one of the things Keary found attractive in her. And Keary was just flat out a wonderful guy. And the boy had moves! ;-) They had *lots* of steamy sex.