Brotherhood of Fire - Elizabeth  Moore This was very hot, no pun intended. A married couple decide to act out their threesome fantasy with husband's best friend. Really, it was Garrett, the husband, pushing everything and Carrie and John giving in. Not that they didn't all enjoy it! But neither Carrie nor John would have crossed that line without Garrett pushing for it. This book's focus was on the changing dynamics of the menage relationship. John went into it knowing he'd loved Carrie since he met her, but as I said, he'd have never made a move without Garrett pushing it. And Carrie tried to warn Garrett that her feelings would likely get involved. And when they did, Garrett had issues with his wife falling in love with another man AND that man loving her back. I haven't seen that aspect of menage dealt with before. Usually, if it's a married couple, it's just for them to have their fantasy and they move on. But the best friend relationship between Garrett and John sort of precluded them from just moving on. John was going to be around. And from the first time, they realized it was better than any of them could have predicted. Ultimately everything works out (I love my HEAs), but I was tied up in knots waiting for the resolution... I could feel their pain and confusion and passion and love. I think the author did a great job of creating characters we'd care about. I do have to say I wanted to smack Garrett a lot -- he seemed so selfish at times!