Line of Scrimmage - Marie Force This was a little bit more smut-lite than I expected, but it was still a great story. The setup was definitely interesting: Ryan and Susie were married for 10 years, but are in the midst of a divorce. The judge made them take an additional 6 months before the divorce would be final. After that point, if they wanted it, it would be granted. There were a couple of other clauses written into the agreement that neither knew about because neither took the time to read it. Turns out that was a good thing. Susie was waiting for the divorce to marry Henry, her high school sweetheart whom she left in college for Ryan. They're due to marry in a month. Henry waited for her for ten years and jumped at the chance to woo her again when she and Ryan split. But Ryan's not ready to let go. Ten days before the divorce would become final, he's decided he's going to move in with Susie again (it is still his house) and try to force her to listen to him -- he doesn't want and has never wanted the divorce.

He's pushy, sexy, sweet, so incredibly in love with Susie, and once you find out what went wrong between them, you're cheering for them to get back together. Some of the sex was spelled out, but a lot was fade to black, which I didn't want when Susie started doing stuff she learned in Cosmo. I want to know what she did, lol! But it was a sweet story. I was so glad when they both decided to ignore what others thought about their relationship and just did what felt right to them. God, Susie's sister was a bitch! And Henry was an asshat. And Betsy just needs a room of her own at the local psychiatric hospital. Sometimes I wanted to smack Susie (she was so quick to believe the worst), but I sort of understood her being unsure about Ryan, considering who he was. But Ryan was just so focused and like I said, so incredibly in love with his wife. That was so hot. :-)