Willing Victim - Cara McKenna This was really hot. I have to say that if friends hadn't told me the "warning" was a little blown out of proportion, I'd have never tried it. I never would have thought non-con fantasy would be even remotely enjoyable (for me). But honestly, I barely saw this as non-con. Sure there were times when she said "Don't, please", but the one time she accidentally used her safe word, when they weren't even doing anything remotely rough, he stopped dead. Flynn was probably one of the most conscientious leads I've read. He knew what he wanted, knew it wasn't everyone else's cuppa, and wasn't planning to force his way into any woman's life. And the way he and Laurel met was quite gallant.

This seemed so real. I mean we really only "heard" Laurel's feelings, though it wasn't first-person POV, but everything she was feeling felt real. Her hesitation at embracing the lifestyle of this person who seemed her complete opposite, but to whom she was drawn as if by magnet. Her questioning whether she'd be able to remain just his fuckbuddy, whether she'd be able to pick up the pieces once he was done with her, her certainty that he WOULD be done with her. I loved that Flynn somehow figured that out and reassured her without making promises. Flynn was quite insightful. He may not be book smart, but he sure was street smart -- he definitely knew people. So many poetic things came out of his mouth, it was beautiful. And then that boy could talk dirty, too! Wow!

I can't say this is anything I'd want to try, but I was enthralled with their interaction, their building relationship. I would have liked a little bit more -- what happens next -- but then I'm greedy that way. And I think it ended at an apropos spot.