Three Days of Dominance - Cari Silverwood This was an interesting version of Fae and their interactions with humans. I enjoyed it. As suggested by the title of the book, there were D/s elements to the story. I found it interesting that Danii dreamed about him/it before it actually happened. I also found it interesting when the Justice explained to Danii that water tops fire, so does earth. Made me kind of wonder whether Danii could top anyone, lol. I also found it interesting that the curse would make humans forget, but Danii being part Fae was able to resist somewhat. I loved that while Heketoro was so dominant, he could also be so incredibly tender -- I'm thinking about the ceremony they did for her friend and brother.

This story was chock full of sex, but I suppose that's one thing the Fae are known for. I was happy with how it ended. I'm wondering if there might be a follow-up to show us how Danii fares or what happened with Heketoro's half-sister.