Speak to Me of Abduction - Lillian  Grant A very smexy read. I loved how Charlene rebuffed Jonathan at every turn, which was just priceless. But she couldn't ignore Jacob. And Jacob wasn't helping... he kept pushing her away and I wanted to smack him! Of course, this all turned out OK, so I'm good with that. The suspense was good... trying to figure out what the heck was going on was kinda fun. One thing that bothered me about this was the lack of protection. They knew each other less than a week, and he was a movie star for pete's sake. She had been traveling the world for who knows how long. There's no way each other could know anything about the other's sexual experience, but there was no question about it -- just no condoms. Sure, it's passionate, and they were quite into each other, but not even a question about birth control? And then they're wondering why she's throwing up at the end of the book? Hellooooo.... no birth control!! But the story was great, it was very hot... lots of tension leading up to Jacob finally giving into his desires. Fun story.