Dangerous Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #12) - Lora Leigh For me, this started out on a high. And then I got a little bored. Then it got good again. When I first started it, there was this intense sexual tension. I liked that part. But then they didn't actually DO anything until over halfway through, and the first time they had intercourse was at 67% I think. And I wouldn't normally complain about that -- sexual tension can sometimes be half the fun. My problem was that while they weren't doing it, they were thinking such flowery things about each other. It just got old for me. Ok I get it -- the sun rises and sets with Abram. Or Paige, depending on who's head is talking. I found myself skipping to the next paragraph when the same basic feeling was expressed five different ways and we weren't at the end of the paragraph yet. There was also more story in this one than I remember from the past ones. That's not a bad thing either -- the story was interesting. Even the whole "third" thing was downplayed compared to the others in the series. The gist of this series has been sharing women, but it only happened once in this book. Abram lost his first wife because of his "deviant dark needs"... why didn't we see Tariq again? (And is something gonna happen with Tariq and Chalah?) I did enjoy this, I just didn't like it as much as past books in the series.