Infamous - Suzanne Brockmann This was my first Suzanne Brockmann, and it won't be my last. I had no idea what to expect. I got this from Audible because it was on sale and highly rated. I didn't know we'd have actors, cowboys, Wild West, thugs, history buffs, and ghosts. I thought Allison was a great, strong character. I was a little bit sad for her that her fascination with Quinn was that she wanted a hero when she was growing up. And she picked Quinn who turned out to be total slime. AJ was a great character as well. He'd been through such a terrible time, but he was ultimately such a good, strong man. I loved how they both tried so hard to resist their attraction. The story telling via Jamie was awesome. And the diary entries from Mel. My heart broke for her so many times. The thugs part of the story served to push Allison and AJ together more, but it was purely accidental it seems. I was a little on the edge of my seat at the end. Lots of action. I was certain things would turn out well, but it's the getting there that's the ride, and this one was bumpy! But really good and entertaining. I was so glad Allison got to read Mel's diaries, and that proof was ultimately found that Jamie and Mel hadn't died like Quinn had told people. And I loved the epilogue... a perfect way to close up the story while explaining everything that had happened since.

As for the audio presentation... I loved the female narrator. The male was a little confusing, but part of that is because he was reading the third-person POV sometimes, and sometimes Jamie's first-person POV. I'm wondering if it was confusing to read it that way since the POVs kept shifting. Also, the female did a better Jamie and AJ than the male did of Allison. :-)