Undeniably Yours - Shannon Stacey I loved Kevin. I loved that while he's apparently a hottie, he wasn't fazed by all the women at his bar giving him phone numbers. He meets Beth because she's there with her boss and her boss starts being an asshole. Kevin, as owner, tries to cut him off, and the guy gets belligerent and a bit violent. In the process of getting him out of the bar (after having called police), boss fires Beth. Beth finds temporary work serving at catering events and happens to bartend at the wedding of Kevin's brother. He couldn't get her out of his head the first time, and this second time, he waits around until after the wedding to ask her to stay with him. She does, but in the morning, he says something she takes out of context, then she finds more phone numbers on napkins from the reception, and she books without a goodbye or a note. Unfortunately, condoms aren't 100% effective, and she ends up pregnant. Beth could have just left town, but she couldn't see continuing her nomadic lifestyle with a child. Plus she didn't feel right not letting Kevin know. And Kevin was so great about the news. Sure he was freaking out, but he didn't really freak out on her. And he ultimately embraced the idea of being a father. And being tied to Beth for forever. Beth, though, didn't want the baby hanging over any potential relationship, so she tried to keep Kevin at arm's length. And she was mostly successful with that. I wanted to strangle her. On the one hand, I could understand her concerns, but on the other hand, Kevin gave her no reason to continue her protests. He was so great through the whole thing, even in trying to think about how she might feel if he did certain things. I thought the ending was going to go one way, and I was so glad it didn't. And ultimately, it worked out to an HEA, which makes me happy. :-)