Any Given Sunday (Wild Irish, #7) - Mari Carr Maybe I had higher hopes for this one. Or maybe my opinion is skewed because I interrupted reading it for another highly anticipated book. But this one didn't do it for me. I'm not saying I hated it -- it is the Collins family, after all; you just love them -- I just didn't love this book. In most of her books, there was lots of tension, lots of build up to the "moment" that made the book. In this one, there was tension and build up... but I was almost let down that the climax (literally) didn't happen until somewhere around 90%, and then the book was mostly over. Maybe the rest occurred at 90%, too, but I just didn't notice it? Or maybe I'm just not into a "coming out" story, so to speak? I'm not sure. I loved the Collins family, and I'm sad to see them go. This just wasn't my favorite of the series.