Reveal Me - Cari Quinn This was, as the book cover shows, a Quickie. But the author was able to capture the characters pretty well within the short story. You've got Alana, who has always been adventurous, boisterous, uninhibited. And you've got Carter, who was always the straight man, steady guy. He was in love with Alana during high school, but she used him to make another guy jealous and then didn't really keep in touch. She's always felt bad about that, but never had an opportunity to do anything about it. Never thought she would have the opportunity, until she happens to be meeting her boyfriend at Kink, the sex club, and her skanky boyfriend has just broken up with her. She hasn't seen "Nicky" in many years so she doesn't recognize him. He's put the time since he last saw her to good use, growing up and out. He recognizes her, though, and they almost get it on in the club as a way for her to forget about her recent ex. Things progress from there. Nicky is a very giving lover, much more so than her previous men, and he has always had a way of calming Alana's temper which she sometimes uses to push people away. Didn't work with him. One night and they're just about ready to profess their love for each other. But in a way, it was believable. I mean, maybe not love, but they sort of picked up where they should have left off, had Alana given it a chance back in high school. Nicky was incredibly forgiving for that. He recognized why she did it and really didn't hold it against her.

Anyway... I mentioned in my review for Southern Comfort that I hadn't read a series that was concurrent, but after reading this one after #2 in the series, I can see that at least the first two books were concurrent. Things that happened in #2 were also happening in #1 and now things that were sort of glossed over in #2 (but weren't super important to the story) make more sense after having read #1. That's not to say you HAVE to read #1 first. It was just interesting to see the same things happening. Can't wait for #3!!