Cross-Checked - Lily Harlem Number 2 in the Hot Ice series was similar, but completely different from number 1. The similarity is the hockey team, but everything else was different. Brick has been Carly's number one fantasy for a couple of years. They meet at a photo shoot for a charity, and sparks fly. He ends up taking her home and asks for a date. Things progress from there.

This is written from the POV of Carly. She's a little bit of a control freak. She has a plan on how to keep Brick interested, but I don't think she really needed it. I think as soon as Brick saw her, he knew she was different and he was intrigued. I did get a little tired of hearing about her self doubt. She was sure he wouldn't call, she was sure he was back together with his old girlfriend, she was sure he just didn't care, she was sure he was going to leave her. But Brick kept doing the opposite of what she expected. He was incredible when she got hurt. And he showed he was vulnerable to her several times as well. They both weren't too sure what was going on, regardless of how confident Brick was.

I thought Brick was an ass in the first book, but I think he really redeemed himself in this one. I wonder if the next one will be about Ramrod? I'll watch for it!