Hired (Hot Ice, #1) - Lily Harlem This was a fun story. Brooke is a girl who believes in metaphysical stuff. She's been sent to "babysit" Logan, who is a professional hockey player who has been suspended and send to an island hideaway to get his head on straight. She figures she can use the time to study for her upcoming nursing tests. Logan doesn't know the truth of why she's there. She never intended to have a relationship with him. She's not normally the type of girl he sees ("rink bunnies" throw themselves at any hockey player), plus she doesn't follow hockey and likes Logan for who he is. They get in way deep with each other, but then the truth of their meeting gets in the way.

This book is written in first-person POV, so if you don't like that, you might not like this. You don't hear Logan's thoughts at all, just how Brooke interprets his looks and his actions. I am not into metaphysical stuff, so I found myself rolling my eyes sometimes, but hey, it's part of her personality. I expected Logan to be more gruff, more demanding like Brick was, but he was incredibly sweet. I can see if she was truly a rink bunny, Logan probably would have just taken what he needed, but he recognized early on that she was different. I felt so bad for Brooke after Logan found out and misunderstood the arrangement. It all worked out in the end, and I love my HEAs. :-)