Delicious - Susan Mallery What a fun story of reunited love. I loved that Cal could see how much stronger Penny had gotten since their divorce. I loved that Penny knew what she wanted (a baby) and made it happen herself. I hated how many secrets were always being revealed (usually by a conniving Gloria). I still don't know why Penny didn't just tell Gloria (in the beginning) that she didn't have designs on Cal. Gloria assumed Penny was just there to get back with Cal, but that wasn't it at all! Ultimately, sure, but initially, Penny should have told her that wasn't her plan. I absolutely loved how Penny pointed out that Gloria's not really a Buchanan either and how she'd gotten into the family. That was GREAT! I can't wait to see how the other siblings ultimately break from Gloria as well. She is a hateful woman who doesn't deserve them! But it was a cute story of rekindled love with a corny HEA ending, lol. Corny is OK... as long as it's happy, I'm good.