Notorious - Karen  Erickson I think I thought this was going to be much kinkier. First, you have a bi guy, Eric, who is a man whore because the last guy he was in a relationship with ended up breaking off with him to be with the girl they did a three-way with. He's devastated and taking it out on anyone who will offer some comfort. Then, you have Stacy, who is best friends with the aforementioned threesome girl. She is wallowing in self-pity because her fiancee broke it off with her because he's in love with another man and thinks he wants a sex change operation to become a woman. So where does Stacy go for this self-pity? A gay bar. Hmm. Okay. And who does she ultimately find there, but Eric. They get to talking and there's a spark that scares the hell out of Eric. So he's an asshole to her several times, but every time he comes back to her groveling. So given those two characters, doesn't it seem like we might get something kinky? Threesome? Moresome? Anal sex? No, but we do get some voyeurism, mild public sex, and exhibitionism. I would have preferred the story to continue after the exhibitionism... and gotten kinkier. :-) I mean it was all good and sweet (yes, we get an HEA after Eric shoots himself in the foot 500 times), and maybe what I wanted to happen wasn't meant to happen in their relationship, but it kind of ended abruptly. For me. Maybe it's perfect for someone else. I did enjoy it, and maybe it's more of a 3.5 than 3... just not quite a 4 for me.