So Sensitive - Anne Rainey This was enjoyable. Wade has lusted after his friend's secretary for a while, but Gracie always shoots him down. She thinks her life is too complicated between her two jobs so she can support her alcoholic father and her stalker. Her stalker thinks she should quit one of her jobs (the one she knows Wade through) because it's a massage therapy business, and he's certain lurid things occur. (They don't. But stalkers are at least a little bit crazy, right?) She hasn't quit her job, even after he emailed her she should, so he teaches her a lesson by ramming her car several times until she runs off the road and into a tree. And she gets a nice semi-conscious trip to the hospital. Enter Wade, Prince Charming, Knight in Shining Armor, big huge alpha male. He won't leave her alone now. Especially once he hears about her stalker. He's a PI, so he's going to find the guy and pummel him into the ground. (Do you hear the growl?) Once stalker finds out he's around, he's gotta teach her another lesson, which naturally makes Wade keep Gracie even closer. Anyhoo... the sex was good, the suspense was good. Wade's alpha growling started to get on my nerves, lol, but it totally did it for Gracie, so it's all good. I hope the next story is about Jonas and Deanna. There was enough teasing about a potential relationship, there has to be more there.