Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I hope this isn't the end of the series. I liked how this one was different from the others... In the others, the women always realized they were in over their heads before the men did. In this case, Dean, who has been chased after for eons, realized how much Blue meant to him before she did. I mean I think she realized she needed Dean and his family, but I don't think she realized she was in love. Or she was trying very hard to resist it. And understandably, considering her history! I thought Nita was a funny secondary character. I liked how Dean sort of ended up reclaiming a family that he never thought he'd have. Like I said, I hope this isn't the last one, but it's not like they introduced anyone in this one that could have a book later. If this is the end, it was a good story to end it on!