Party of Three - Desiree Holt This was a cute read. Girl's been lusting after her boss for a couple of years. Whaddayaknow? Boss has been lusting after the girl. They've both not acted on it because of the boss/employee thing. Boss's good friend has come back to town and they have shared women on occasion in the past. Friend is also interested in girl. They happen to be leaving the office at the same time so guys ask girl if she wants to join them for a drink. She accepts.

So, it seemed like they were trying to get her drunk, lol. I mean, they kept ordering more for her at the bar when they probably should have slowed her down considering how nervous she was and thus sucking down the wine. Then they invite her up to boss's suite and continue to ply her with alcohol. Maybe they didn't need it! She was kind of in it to win it, if you know what I mean! But the wine continued to flow.

Somewhere along the way, boss decided he wants girl to himself, but he wants to give her this experience. He's so giving you know, lol. But really, aside from the alcohol, both guys seemed sweet.

The declaration of love at the end seemed a bit much. They may be in lust, but love? And marriage? How 'bout y'all date for a while before such declarations?

Besides the couple of things I mentioned, it was really very hot. Menage usually is, lol, but it was sort of sweet. Not a lengthy read, but full of action!