Picture Perfect - Evangeline Anderson Yowza this was hot. I mean the situation and their sexual tension and everything was really hot. I think it was overdone that they were step siblings, no blood. I think we all got that after the second or third time it was mentioned, lol. And the whole thing with the "pussy lip stroking"? I'm sorry... that's sex. It might not be penetration, but they were both getting off on it! And "I'm going to penetrate you, but not come in you, so it's not fucking?" Uh, what?! Then the "go really deep... I just want to see what it feels like. It's an experiment." Lol, good one! But hey, it worked to get him back where she wanted him. Beyond those things, though, it really was quite steamy. These two people really fought their attraction hard, but there was no denying their feelings.