Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning I shouldn't have waited so long to read this. People said it was good, but I kept getting distracted by shiny-new. How great was this story? I felt so bad for Myrna with her history with Jeremy. Ex-husband or no, I'm sure some of us have that voice in our head telling us what we're doing is "wrong". And yet, despite the voice in her head, Myrna was quite uninhibited. At least sometimes, lol. There were times when it was almost like she was in a daze and when she "snapped out of it", she started questioning herself. Brian was so great. The rest of the band was, too, but of course this book was about Brian. Considering how much of a romantic he was, I'm surprised he was so patient with Myrna, but he knew he had something special. I felt bad for him so many times when Myrna would dismiss what they had as "just a fling". I'm so glad she was ultimately able to get over her hangups. The very last sentence, "I thought you would never ask," was so sweet! There was a lot of humor in this book, which I'm not sure I expected. I found myself giggling at the interaction between the band members, the playfulness of Myrna and Brian. It was just a good story. And plenty of steamy goodness, too. So glad I have #2 waiting! :-) Sed, here I come!! Sed is going down and he really needs to, so the rest of the band won't have to worry about him stealing their mates, lol!