Nobody's Baby But Mine - Susan Elizabeth Phillips So reading the other reviews, it appears people really didn't like Cal. There must be something about the format because I loved him. I listened to it, and Anna Fields made him very likable. I can imagine that if I read the book, I might think he's an insensitive prick, but the way Anna played him, he was sardonic and sarcastic and ultimately vulnerable and loveable. I don't agree with what Jane did, but she didn't do it intentionally to hurt him. She didn't even really think he'd think anything about her after it happened. But he did. Which was clue #1 that she meant more to him than anyone would have ever imagined. If he didn't care, he wouldn't have pushed Jodie to tell him more about her and wouldn't have found out about the baby. And he saved the birthday bow!!

I like how SEP matches people who you wouldn't think would run in the same circles. Or for that matter, DON'T run in the same circles. But they end up finding common ground and finding love in the process. I just wish the men weren't so pig-headed about realizing the love part of it. I guess if they weren't, there wouldn't be much of a story. Plus, these men have had women throwing themselves at them for years because of who they are, so it's probably hard to separate the good from the bad.