Heaven, Texas - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Awwww. I'm growing to love SEP's female characters. They're always so strong! Gracie was hilarious. I really cracked up when she started watching porn with BT in the hotel room. BT was kinda sad. I mean he had it all, but not really what he wanted. I can't imagine being asked all the time for favors. While yes, he's been fortunate, that doesn't mean he should be taken advantage of. I thought it was great that Gracie resolved to take nothing from him. Granted, that turned out to be an issue -- or THE issue -- but it was really sweet. I don't get why BT had to almost lose her to realize how much she really meant to him, the big oaf. I wanted to shake him (not that I could... he'd be much larger than me IRL lol)! And OMG what he said to her at the party??? I was biting my nails at the end wondering how on earth he'd get her back. I knew it would happen -- this is a romance -- but I didn't know how. I also liked the side love story involving his mom. So on to #3!