It Had to Be You - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I really, really enjoyed this story. First, I think it's incredibly sad when children refer to their parents by their given names, not Dad or Daddy or even Father (which seems so formal). Nope... Burt was an ass and he didn't deserve the more touchy-feely titles. I can't believe he didn't believe Phoebe when she said she'd been raped. That he wasn't more supportive or even protective of his daughter! Phoebe's coping mechanism was to act like people expected her to act. She didn't feel like she could change anyone's preconceived notions about her, so why even try? But wow, was she strong. I mean she had insecurities like most women, but when she needed to be, she was incredible. i felt so bad for both her and Dan when he mistook her for Val and was doing the rape/non-con fantasy Val wanted to act out. She had no idea what Dan was doing and he would have had no idea how, exactly, it would affect Phoebe. He wouldn't learn that until several months later. But I am so glad that Phoebe finally let down her guard and told Dan everything. And OMG her cousin Reed was slime. And a bully and an opportunist. He got what he deserved, and I love who delivered it.

I'm starting the next one. I listened to #6 first and now I'm working my way through from the beginning, but I understand why people like this series so much. There's humor, intrigue, a little bit of suspense, lots of love, alpha men, strong women. And as with #6, it seems an underlying theme is to look beneath the surface -- what's clearly visible is often nothing like what's underneath.