Hunt the Moon - Karen Chance Oh Mircea. How I love Mircea! But I love Pritkin, too. So much happened in this one, like the others, but we started to learn something this time. About Mircea. About how he really feels about her. About her parents. About demigods and their tenacity. And dammit, why did Cassie have to shift to THERE right at the end??? All I can say is it better not be another 2 years until the next one. Sooo good. And I have to say that Augustine cracked me up. And I love Marco, too. He's tough and follow's Mircea's orders, but he's such a good guy to Cassie. Definitely someone I'd want on my side. Even though Cassie never really felt like she had or could have anyone, she has so many now who care and not just because of her power. Loved it.