One Weekend Only - Christie Butler This isn't anything like what I thought, but it was good any. Based on the blurb, I was expecting a menage with Alec's friend, not swapping, but most of the story was about swapping. I mean menage happened, but it was mostly swapping. Tasha and Alec are married and have been together since college. Tasha and Alec's best friend Quinn had sort of had this flirtatious attraction that neither had ever explored. Apparently (and this is cheesy), Quinn would tell Alec all the time how much he wanted to sleep with Tasha. (To me, that seems like friend-status-ending stuff, but that's just me, lol.) Quinn and his first wife divorced, but he'd just gotten remarried, and they were all heading to Quinn's lake house for their annual trip. This time, Alec has decided to let Tasha and Quinn happen so they could all just get over the tension. He didn't discuss it with Tasha, so she was a bit surprised when he suggested she and Quinn should just do it and get it over with. And while Tasha and Quinn were doing their thing, Alec went off with Quinn's new wife (who was totally down with anything). Tasha and Alec's love life wasn't boring before the trip, but it wasn't as wild as Quinn and Skye's, and their eyes were opened to new experiences. They only had this one weekend to "get it out of their systems" and they both took advantage. And of course, they sort of started to wonder if their spouse preferred their other partner. There was a definite HEA, so no worries there, and it was kind of nice to see how it all ended up. Definitely steamy!