Negligee Behavior - Shelli Stevens I just finished listening to this and it was kind of a cute story. Not insta-love, but insta-lust that turns into a lot more. It's about Brandy who is an heiress to a huge lingerie company, but who has never tried to make herself look good because she felt she couldn't compete with the lingerie models. Her boyfriend takes her to Vegas and talks her into getting married, but just before she says "I do", she freaks and runs and jumps on the back of Marco's bike. They take off. Marco isn't sure what to do with her, but after she gets shit-faced after finding her "fiancee" with a hooker after what would have been their wedding, Marco takes her to his home. He can't just leave her. Things grow from there. She's very timid, but Marco helps her out of her shell. And along the way, she finds out what slime her former boyfriend was. There was a nice HEA, and the sex was pretty steamy. They certainly seem like they can't get enough of each other.