Ain't She Sweet - Susan Elizabeth Phillips So I thought this was a great story. I love the idea of the "queen" of a small, Southern town returning in dire straits. Sugar Beth was tough, yet vulnerable. (Having grown up in a Southern-based household, the so-very-Southern things they said cracked me up! Sugar Beth's name being one of the.) Some times I wanted her to just shut her sarcastic mouth for once, but really that was her armor. And she wore it so well. She had been wounded so very early in her life. I didn't agree with how she treated Winnie (who would?) but at the same time, I sort of understood what drove her to that. I loved that she loved fighting with Colin because he was a formidable opponent and she didn't need to worry about him physically hurting her. Oh, he could -- and did -- hurt with words, but she could give as good as she got. Someone else wrote about how the Sea Willows were so angry with her simply for leaving, but it wasn't just the leaving. It was how she completely turned her back on them. They had been her friends for years, and she just stopped acknowledging them. I can see how that could hurt. Not sure I'd hold THAT much of a grudge toward that person, I'm sure they fed off each other. It was probably also very easy to hate her when they accepted her half-sister into their group. But the ultimate result of the story -- Colin was brilliant. He knew Sugar Beth so well... knew he had to push the issue or neither one of them would ever be truly happy. It was a gamble, but it paid off for both of them. I'll have to find more by this author, because I enjoyed this.