Room Service - Beverly Brandt I am so very confused, lol. The blurb associated with this book is nothing like what I read, but I'm glad someone else who reviewed it read the same story as I did.

Katya Morgan's father has just died. She's been coddled since she was young, at least in terms of money. Her mother died when she was ten, and she looks so much like her mom that her heartbroken father can't deal and sends her away. She thinks it's because she cried over her mother's death, and that's what she believes for many, many years. Her father never gave her anything else to believe.

When her father dies, Katya assumes she'll be taken care of like always. She wants something? She whips out a credit card and it's hers. She's never had to really consider how much something costs or where the money is coming from. But her father leaves her nothing, and I mean NOTHING. Not even the clothes he paid for. If it was a gift, it was hers to keep, but otherwise, she had to leave it behind. That includes her car.

Katya returns to the hotel where she's been staying and her credit card accounts have been closed, so she has no way to pay for the room. Her life quickly nosedives and she finds herself in situations she'd never considered. She also learns some valuable lessons.

Along the way, Katya grows quite a bit, finds love, finds acceptance without money. It was an interesting thing to see. Her father's tough love, which he wasn't able to administer while alive according to his wife, ultimately turned her into a likable person. It was a good read. Or listen, as was the case with me.