Personal Protection - Leah Braemel This one was much longer than the first. We met Sam in the first, and he was a bit overbearing then. More caveman than alpha. He could easily have messed up what Jodi and Mark had by making his decision, but luckily he didn't. Mark is still a little annoyed (in a friendly way) with how that went down, so he conspires with people within Hauberk to exert a little payback. But Sam keeps thwarting their efforts, so they get serious and fabricate a stalking to throw Sam and Rosie together. Sam keeps resisting because Rosie is an employee. He can't resist when they're constantly together and things heat up quickly, but Sam keeps sabotaging himself at every turn. And Rosie keeps taking it the wrong way -- she's either thinking he's implying she's not good enough at her job or she's comparing herself to past women and thinking she can't possibly measure up.

And in the middle of this, Rosie finds out he's a founding member of a BDSM club. She thinks she's done kinky stuff in the past, but realizes quickly that what she's done is nothing compared to Sam. She's intrigued, and learns a bit about the lifestyle to surprise Sam and make him happy.

I dunno... there were a lot of miscommunication things in this one, and the whole BDSM lifestyle part of it was awkward, and it just seemed to drag on and on. For a while, I thought Sam was moving back to sexy alpha material and away for non-sexy caveman, and then it seemed he was neither. And the sex, while a bit steamy, just didn't really do it for me. I think it just didn't feel sensual. Like Sam was always just 100% aggressive in everything, and it was just too much.

Ultimately, there was an HEA, so that's good.