Hot on Her Heels - Susan Mallery This was a nice wrap-up to the series. I thought it was interesting how Dana and Garth happened. I mean it just happened. There wasn't much build-up and I think neither one saw it coming, but it worked. I loved how Dana wouldn't just bend to Garth's will and that he sort of respected her for that. And I loved that she didn't want to take anything from Garth. Many women wouldn't think twice if Garth wanted to give them stock or take them on a shopping spree, but she really didn't care about the money.

Jed was his typical asshat self. Between trying to scare Dana off his trail, trying to win at Garth's game, trying to make Dana feel inconsequential, everything he did to his daughters, he got what was coming to him. It was almost sad when Garth won. Not because I wanted Jed to beat Garth, but because really nobody won. Sure, Jed was ruined, but it would never bring back Jenny as she was. I still can't believe Jed thought Garth's request for money for his mom was just a ploy. Couldn't he have even looked into the claims? I mean it took him 20 years to figure out Garth hadn't been lying. Then again, maybe it was for the best (except for Jenny)... without Garth looking into Jed's activities, maybe a lot of what Jed had been doing wouldn't have come to light. Jed was really not a good guy.

It was good to see all of the sisters and Dana somewhat settled at the end. And I loved that while Garth had been able to wrestle everything away from Jed, he could really care less about the assets themselves, and he was gracious enough to divvy them up amongst himself and his sisters. And I loved what the sisters did with everything. Sure, they might have been raised in the lap of luxury and they could have easily just indulged and lived that way forever. But they each had aspirations beyond just existing, and many of them were altruistic aspirations. Granted, Izzy had to grow into hers, but it still became very important for her to give back.