Private Property - Leah Braemel This was relatively short (I read it in probably a couple of hours?) but a mighty hot read. It was m/f/m, and the setup is that it's this girl's birthday, but her boss/boyfriend made her work. Or boyfriend may be too strong of a word. They are fuck buddies, with the understanding that there are no strings and either one can walk away. Since he made her work, she thinks he's about to dump her. Turns out he's set her up to fulfill one of her fantasies -- a threesome. And the third is his best friend, who she hasn't met yet. The setup is cute. What's even better is that the best friend ends up restraining the boyfriend and makes him watch best friend have sex with his girlfriend, who he then realizes he really loves and realizes he never should have even considered sharing, lol. But wow, what a lesson! What a long, thick, tasty lesson, lol.

Little bit of BDSM thrown in there. It was a cute story ultimately. Very smexy. So now I'll have to read the other two. :-)