Straight from the Hip - Susan Mallery Izzy is a spitfire, and this one didn't disappoint. Nick was a great guy. I totally understood that he couldn't just automatically believe what the Titan sisters said about Garth (though admittedly, as far as he knew, they wouldn't know about the connection). But I loved how he stood up to Garth once he found out the truth AND realized Garth had used him as well.

And wow, Garth does have a conscience! At first, I was really wondering because it appeared he'd lost his soul somewhere along the way, but when he realized what his vendetta had done to his longest friendship, he started to take a step back, I think. I still don't get why he had to make the daughters pay for their father's asshattery. But I love Izzy for throwing him for a loop with the whole "we have to fix Garth" thing. And OMG, Jed gets the crown for asshats for eternity. We finally discover why he hates Jed so much -- what Jed did that was so unforgiveable. And yeah, it was a doozie. And then, he tells Izzy she's worth nothing if she can't see, and she can't come back to Glory's Gate. Then, when she gets her sight back, when he really has absolutely NO hold over her (she's not living with him and getting nothing from him), he tries to whore her out to a business associate. And THEN we find out he may be behind the explosion!

I thought Izzy's growth during this book was extraordinary. She finally started to look outside herself and finally decided maybe she should grow up. I thought she took some very grown up actions that were tough for her but necessary.

OMG I hate Jed. He's one of those people who shouldn't be allowed to have kids. He may never have raised a hand to them physically, but all they were was pawns in his life and he felt he could bend their will to whatever he needed from them. His actions in this book prove they were never anything to him but expendable. I can't wait for the last one, where I think Jed will finally get his comeuppance.