Lip Service - Susan Mallery On the one hand, I thought Skye was such a weakling. Her father pushed her around so much. He drove Skye's mother to suicide, so she just steps in to fill her mother's place? Obviously not in a sexual way, but she was his hostess. She planned his parties. She dealt with the household stuff. And Jed deserved none of it. Oh my God, that man is an asshat! I can't believe he'd marry her off to one of his friends in the first place. She was eighteen! Her husband was much older than her. And then to decide, two years after her husband's death, that it's "time" to make another business deal... er... marriage arrangement FOR her? And then what he threatened her with. That man has balls the size of Texas. I am SO glad she told her sisters and they got her out of that. And she started to grow a backbone. But I'm also glad that Mitch figured it all out. They were so, so good together and good for each other. Considering Mitch's holdings, I'm surprised Mitch wasn't good enough for Skye in Jed's eyes. Except I suppose Jed knew early that he wouldn't be able to control Mitch. Thank goodness Mitch was a better man. It all worked out in the end, but I'm beginning to root for Garth, just so long as he leaves the girls alone. Go after Jed -- he deserves it! Argh! Asshat! (Can you tell I don't like Jed?)