Hard Lovin' - Desiree Holt Rich girl who's about to get married is having major cold feet -- her father and fiancee sort of arranged this marriage thing as a way to keep her safe, what's to be nervous about other than a loveless marriage? -- so she goes to a bar where a guy is performing. She's been there for a few nights in a row with friends and goes by herself this time, after sneaking away from a house full of wedding guests. He approaches her before his last set, then asks her to go home with him when he's done, and she agrees. She wants to escape her life for a while, so she takes the opportunity. In the morning, he's leaving to go to the next town, next performance, and she begs him to take her with him. There was a connection deeper than just the sex, so he agrees. She can't trust men based on a past experience, but for some reason, she trusts him. And he has his own thing he's running from, too, and he doesn't feel worthy of her, but will take what time he can have.

A couple of things bothered me about this story. Generally, it was good, the sex was steamy, they were definitely good together. On fire. But what he was running from sounded so stupid. I'm not saying someone who went through what he did wouldn't feel the same, but Erin told her story to him (after he realized he was Texas' most wanted since they knew he was with Erin and thought she went against her will) and it was a fairly lengthy story. Then he tells his secret, she says he shouldn't feel that way, he says he does, she says he shouldn't, and it was almost like he immediately acquiesced and said yeah, you're right. It just felt like his own torment was glossed over and he was over it in 15 minutes, when he'd been running from it for five years. The whole "I'm rich" thing was kind of lame, too, but it did solve the problem with her daddy's assumptions. I really don't think Erin cared a bit where they were or in what level of style they were living. She just wanted to be with him.

The last thing that bothered me was the last scene with the anal sex. He knew why she went rigid whenever he made a move in that direction, and yes, they were getting married, and yes, she trusted him, but couldn't he have moved a bit slower? I mean her history... the fact that he made it pleasurable was almost unbelievable after what she'd been through.

Like I said, it was a cute, if unbelievable story, but I suppose that's what fiction is. And like I said, the sex was steamy and the pair were good together.

I would have liked for Cam to have experienced some kind of punishment, though. What an ass!