Claimed By Shadow - Karen Chance It's interesting the things you can see foreshadowed in a book when you re-read a series. It's also amazing how much you can forget. For example, things that happened in this one I thought happened in later books, and things that I know happened and I thought happened in this one happen later. But this one I think is where Cassie sort of got her groove and she started to figure out some things. The first book was confusing and slightly disjointed, but this one was a smooth, non-stop marathon. It's refreshing to see Cassie get stronger and stronger. It's awesome every time she says she doesn't want the power and people around her give her more respect as a result. And I love that Pritkin is independent. Sure, he's the Circle's chief assassin, but he's not going to do it blindly. If there's one thing I didn't like about this book, it was Mac's demise. I really liked his character even though he wasn't around for very long. And I think Tomas redeemed himself a little bit.