Foul Play - Janet Evanovich, Steffie Hall This was cutesy, and I liked it, but some things just drove me nuts. I'd say it was the age in which it was written, but 1989 isn't THAT long ago. My issues were with how Amy wanted to cook for Jake, wash his clothes, her fantasies were so 50s-woman that it just drove me nuts. I'm also not sure why in this and Love Overboard, the women were virgins, and it was very important for them to give it up to someone they really cared about, but sheesh... in both they barely knew the men they gave it up to. I dunno. I realize these are her earlier books, they just seem so trite with wrapped-up-in-satin-ribbon scenarios. I liked Love Overboard better than this one, but these would not make me want to read more Janet Evanovich.