Not Another Bad Date - Rachel Gibson I definitely have to go get the first two now. Wasn't this sweet? I mean ultimately. I wanted to shoot Devon even though she was already dead. I thought it was hilarious that her "gifts" kept backfiring on her. And I'm glad she finally realized it wasn't worth it to try to cause more issues. I'm still not sure she deserved her end. Man that was one selfish bitch. She didn't even love Zach! And Zach was just a tad bit arrogant, lol. When he accused Adele of lying to him I wanted to punch him. Seriously? She didn't even want that to happen (initially), and he thinks she planned this?? Argh! Men!! My heart broke for Adele so many times. I could almost feel her feelings. I also thought it was funny that Tiffany couldn't believe Adele didn't like her daddy. Like such a thing was just not possible, lol. Of course, there was ultimately an HEA and it was sweet. And since #3 was a goodie, too, I have to go buy the first two to see how the other two girls found their men.