The Backup Plan - Sherryl Woods So this was my first Sherryl Woods, and it appears I'm going to have to seek out more. It was an impulse buy on Audible, but well worth the price. Since I haven't been through what Dinah had been through, there's no way for me to judge her actions. I can't even imagine going through that nightmare. Much less to have that nightmare cost you the career you worked so hard for. It's funny... since I didn't know anything really about Cord, it was hard to like him at first because we only saw him through Dinah's eyes, and those eyes were full of 10-year-old assumptions. But wow did he come through for her on so many levels. He may have been a little devious at the start, but I don't think any of what he did really hurt anyone. I just really loved their story. Maggie was a great character, too. Seeing as this is #1 in a trilogy, I'm apparently going to have to go chase down the other two now, lol! Maybe I'll try reading the others instead of listening.