Rough Edges - Ashlynn Pearce Wow, this one was really, really good. It's about a girl whose been abused by her ex-husband meeting a guy who she met online in person. The people who gave birth to him (not parents) are so incredibly f*cked up, it's amazing he turned out decent. But he hit a woman once, so he thinks he's destined to become his dad and therefore maintains a distance from women. Sure, he gets laid, but if he even knows their name, it's unusual. But man, when these two meet in person, they are on fire, and it's so sweet. I mean they were perfect for each other. Perfect! Lots of hot sex, but a really nice love story as well. And the love story did it for me. My heart broke for each of them a couple of times during the story. I loved how it ended. I'm hoping there's a follow-up with Tony and Summer.