Past Pleasures - Charlotte Stein So this was a new setup for me: woman is transported to the future as part of a scientific experiment. She encounters two beautiful men who don't know what she is because women have been extinct on earth for hundreds of years. Through a series of trips, she gets to know about them and their life and their relationship. Little by little, she starts to fall in love with them. Once sex is brought up, things get a little explosive. I think I loved how curious the men were and how they were fascinated by her. And when they felt what a real woman should feel like, it was almost reverent.

I want a sequel. This was not one of those books that ends abruptly or awkwardly. It ended just fine. But based on what happened in the epilogue, I have so many questions about what will happen next. That was a huge sacrifice that I'm sure will have some repercussions. I think there could be another whole story. And heck, now that I'm looking, this was #1, so now I have to watch for when #2 comes out. :-)