Sex Party (Cowboy Sex, #1) - Natalie Acres I'm a little torn on this one. There were hot moments, but for me, it was more between her and ONE of the brothers, not all three. And I really had a hard time getting past the fact that she was 17 when the book started and the boys waited, not so patiently, for her to turn 18 before doing anything. It's great that they waited, but really... 3 months doesn't do anything for maturity, IMO. And Peyton was a bit immature, regardless of her rocking body. My other issue was that even when she turned 18, she's still a high school senior. I kept having to remind myself that Evan was just three years older than her, but still... HIGH SCHOOL... And all her friends and crap they all pulled. She just screamed immature to me. So really, my problem with this story was the heroine, and mostly her maturity or lack thereof.