Ravenous - Sherri L. King It was an interesting story, a good start for a series. There was insta-love which bugs me sometimes, sometimes doesn't. In this one, I didn't love or hate it. I did like that both characters were strong warriors. She forgives him very quickly (too quickly IMO) for the beat down she got in their first meeting. And the dying and coming back as something else was weird, but I was happy for Obsidian's sake. The whole exhibitionist thing (Grimm suddenly appearing).... might have been nice for Obsidian to mention that custom of theirs! Oh, and can I just say real quick that I want my own Smyl? Tee hee! Then again, I have a feeling there's still a TON we don't know about the Shikar. I wish there had been a little bit more about them and their customs, etc. Also, at some point, we'll have to figure out why she is how she is. Obviously something happened for her to have these gifts. I'm guessing the next one might be about Grimm and the girl he saw in the other realm. There's going to have to be some real coaxing there, lol.