Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas This was a nice story about an English woman falling for a Gypsy. And while the love story part of it was sweet, I thought the whole "Leo is being haunted by his lost love" was... I dunno... it just didn't feel like it fit. I mean I guess it was a way for Amelia to start believing in what she couldn't hold in her hands (she started out not believing in luck, etc.), but heck, Cam's "good luck curse" could have done that! I really liked the love story, I just didn't care for the ghost story. But I am definitely going to listen to the next one. I want to see (a) how Merrypen (not sure if that's spelled correctly since I didn't read it) may be related to Cam and if he comes to accept Cam's presence and (b) how Winn and Merrypen's romance pans out.