Triple Dare - Lexxie Couper On the one hand, this was a great love story. Or lust. I'm not sure we ever really found out. They still seemed to be in lust by the epilogue, lol. I read a lot of menage, and for some reason, sometimes it just doesn't ring true for me. Or maybe it's that maybe I'm beginning to prefer permanent menage? I just can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be several years down the road to know your girlfriend/wife slept with your best friend while you were there, too, and that's how your relationship started. Or even from her perspective. But that's not for me to work out, lol.

I'm all about the HEA, but I really dislike tears before the HEA. Or maybe it's just tears of this type. Angst between the hero/heroine is one thing. This was completely different. My heart felt like it was ripped from my chest when Rob told Joseph what he'd brought him across the ocean to say. I'm glad it worked out in the end, but sheesh, if that doesn't put a damper on a story, I don't know what does! It was hard for me to reengage after that. Thankfully it was near the end.

Something about the sex scenes didn't do it for me in this one. I mean at first it did, but then this happened: Really, all he has to do is lick her bum and she's prepared to be penetrated there for the first time? I mean I can deal with it if the only lube is her own body's lubrication, but don't you think you should try to stretch her with fingers first?? Try to get some of that lubrication INSIDE? Especially after we've read that they're both on the larger side? It was just unrealistic to me, and my body clenched (not a good way) for her. It was also really hard for me to envision how they were doing this standing up. I just couldn't envision how Rob was doing what he was doing (pre-bum, post Joseph entry) if they were arranged like I thought they had been. Maybe that's my own problem, lol.

It was a really cute story. Insta-love warning for those of you who hate that. Not a permanent menage for those of you who hate PM. I've just read better by Ms. Couper, I suppose, so I had higher expectations.