Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) - Cherrie Lynn I think I have a new love. For me, Brian did everything right. He dated Michelle first, and even though Candace was his "sunshine" and neither of them did anything. Though it sounds like Brian didn't realize until they were together exactly how much he enjoyed her being around during his relationship with Michelle. Oh, Brian was awesome all the way around. He could have been a total asshole the first time they got together, but he wasn't.

Candace started out so weak and she really, really bugged me at the beginning. She was acting like she was 17, not 23! But I suppose that had a lot to do with her overbearing family. I didn't get all the crying at all. God, I hated her mom. And the little glimpse we got of Brian's mom at the end made me think I want her to be a big part of another story, lol! Spitfire, that one. Her brother was a schmuck, too. But Candace started growing some cojones by the end. I wasn't flying the Candace flag, but she definitely got better. I was still cheering for their relationship because it was just so right.

I can't believe she skipped out on her cousin's wedding, but then again I'm so glad she did. How's fate for her running out of coffee on that day and running into Brian? He helped her escape and he didn't really know he was doing it. But what a perfect escape for them. There were definitely flaws (WHY was she crying all the freaking time... we hear about Candace's mom giving her disapproving glances starting in high school, but never another word about it... Brian didn't have a security system and/or cameras in his place of business -- his dad was loaded but no security??... things like that) but for me, I could still enjoy the rest of the story.